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Published on October 13th, 2016 | by Jon

Fake Hospital Discount

Fake Hospital Discount Jon

Summary: Fake Hospital decided to experiment with some new flavor and some interesting niches and we’d like to say they have a winning combination! You should pay them a visit today!


Not your ordinary visit

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New Fake Hospital Review

Is your nut-sac hurting from lack of some release? Is your body aching to be pleasured but you can’t seem to find the right remedy? Then friend there is a place to go and that is Fake Hospital; a pornsite with a different approach toward caring for the human body! Inside the clinic, inside the examination room, the ladies have to undergo sexual health check but it’s one that comes with a dirty and thrilling different approach! The doctor is just aching to find out what is wrong with the ass, pussy, tits, and sexual libido of these hot babes and there is a remedy that the doctor has that is quite hardcore!


It’s exciting to see that porn producers such as this website have no issues of bored repetitive porn because they like innovating new sexual experiences for the members, thus this doctor hardcore sex niche! The doctor is a pervert, but looks professional. The patient never knows the freaky filth that the doctor has planned for them until it’s too late. When the girls enter, they are listened to and examined a bit by the doctor, all the time plotting and scheming on how best to get fingers into the asshole and pussy of the lady.


There is always a medical reason as to why the lady has to take off all the clothes for some full body examination. She never complains, resist a bit but does it in the end. The doctor is then at liberty to poke about while getting a hard on, and before you know it, the patient is moaning and licking the doctor’s cock! Now, not all the videos are structured in this way, but this is the overall play of things with variations here and there! Some ladies are too willing, some need more licking and caressing, some are sluts who came to fuck the doctor’s brains out! It’s all fun hardcore that you will enjoy!

You will start to think that since these guys are using lots of hidden camera style of shooting that the quality may not be so brilliant! You’d be wrong to judge them this way. They have cameras that bring high definition resolution to the screen. This is thanks to the new technologically advancements of the camera industry! You’ll have the wmv and mp4 file format and playback of films is online or you can save what you like. No images, that’s the policy here and it’s not going to affect how much you love the films that are inside really!

You have DVD bonuses inside with the Fake Hospital discount offer, hundreds of them; this is to distract you from the sad fact that this website doesn’t have hundreds of videos just yet! But hey, they are working on it with more updates that they make.

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