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Published on February 11th, 2016 | by Jon

Evil Angel Discount

Evil Angel Discount Jon

Summary: When a site is called Evil Angel, you know you are asking for trouble. Problem is, it's really good naughty trouble.


Evil... Yes too Evil =)

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New Evil Angel Review

Why is there evil in the world? It is often the goodness of a man that tells the world what is so great about him. But if any man is so great, then there’s nothing in him so worthy of love. It is only in the sadness of a poet that words can mean something when left unspoken. So breeding evil is basically a coping mechanism – man wants to gain attention and he would do the extremes just so he could get the girl he wants. Even for a night. Luckily, there are also women out there who recognize such a need. And they would provoke rather than be the one preyed upon. Alas, the Evil Angel!


When words fail, then the whole world falls silent. Perhaps, there is nothing wrong with the world. But everything is not right when you are no longer in her world. So while you’re still around, make sure that in one way or another she feels you. But to give you some inner calm, just know that there are women too who would do the deed for you. They will give you the signal and you will have to do the get go.


You just have to be good at reading signs, the body language and the way she speaks. Look at the way she looks at you. By then, you will know that she wants the D. She is dictating you. She is the dick-taker and she is the very thing you need right now to mend you in your loneliness. It is also said that when this kind of woman satisfies both you and herself, there will come the unfurling of her angel wings. Such an interesting take on it, if you ask me. The videos of this site never fail to amuse me with that kind of perspective being put forward almost all the time.

EvilAngel is an all-exclusive videos site. Needless to say all of their videos are made by the company for the company and for it subscribers alone. All HQ videos directed by the all-time favorite porn stars, Joan Angel. It’s really nice to see that she has risen from her former self and you can also say that it is really her passion to embrace the boldness of nudity. 890 plus videos are currently injected into the site and there are over 300 models actively embarking individual journeys. You cannot date not see the contents of the photo galleries too. All the awesome stuff in one porno library.

The Evil Angel discount specializes in all sorts of sex techniques and positions. Blowjobs, handjobs, creampie, bathing action, quickies and so much more. Additionally, you get to enjoy downloading a good number of videos every day!

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