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Published on November 16th, 2015 | by Jon

Blacked.com Discount Pricing

Blacked.com Discount Pricing Jon

Summary: Great place for all of your deep desires of interracial action.


Interracial Heaven!

Three Months for just $19.98 Monthly and Six Months for $16.65 Monthly

New Blacked.com Review

When it comes to movies, I would usually disregard any considerations when I find out the lead actor is a Black person or that the story is about a Black community of sorts. I know I am like a dead man walking by saying this but I have nothing really against them.


They just don’t really fall under my predilections and we all have the right to go with the things we want anyway since it is to each his own time and energy, thus each has the right to use both in their own ways. Then again, there are things that live to enlighten us, moments that make us realize how we are wrong and see the beauty of something we have been trying to neglect. One of these beautiful creations I am talking about would be the Blacked.com porn site.


I kind of wish the company could have been a bit more subtle in their approach, but I guess it’s much better to go straight to the point anyways. It is probably one of the best porn sites I have ever come across both for my preferred all White sites and non-American choices. They know how to do things, how to reveal the true beauty of the things that have been obscured by preconceptions and racial determinations.

If anything, this is probably one of the greatest peacekeeping porn sites with how it is able to show the unity of both Blacks and Whites in pursuit of something so magical as sex. While it has been my third week streaming across the massive database, I have barely scratched the surface with the colossal attempt that they have taken into success. Not only are they great with their content, they are also able to deliver with extreme volume.

As of today, Blacked is home to over 800 videos, all of which are a mixture of pure Black people sex videos and interracial pursuits between Blacks and Americans or Europeans. They are also putting an extension category which would be for Blacks and Asians and I can’t wait to see how that plays out. Each of the videos is played in HD and you get to enjoy over 10 videos updates per week. These are 40-minute movies we are talking about. You don’t only enjoy the sex, but you also fall in love with their stories.

If anything, Blacked.com is not a porn site where you get to see famous faces. What they have are rarities that truly make their company an exemption. Something that you should make no mistake of missing out on.

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